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Mayo Realty

Mayo Realty & Property Management, Inc.

The staff at Mayo Realty & Property Management, Inc. has been serving Research Triangle Park and surrounding counties for many years. The founder, Ruth Keith Puryear started her real estate business in 1985. Ruth added the Property Management portion of the business in 1988. She is still involved in the Real Estate side of the business, but the office is now managed by Keith Pate. Keith has been in Real Estate since 1993 and has been doing Broker Price Opinions since 2001.
Also working for Mayo Realty are Vickie Bailey, Kim Price and Alicia A. Thompson. Our great team of agents can show you how you can get top dollar for your property or help you find the home that suits you best.
We have a network of other professionals that we can connect you with who will provide you quality services such as banking, mortgages, home inspectors and even a moving company.
Contact us today to find out more about what Mayo Realty can do for you.